Home of the lions
R.H. King Academy
Friday 28th of April 2017


(1) Ticket Sales Arts Banquet
Come to the front of the library at lunch where we'll be selling tickets to the arts banquet! Only $35!! Don't miss it!
R. Mansfield Bucholtz

(2) Agape (A-ga-pay)
We will be meeting today at lunch in room B71A. Hope to see you there!
S. Sandoval

Congrats to the team on their 15-0 win over Agincourt.
J. Booth

All participants should meet in the Heritage Room at 3:15 p.m.
J. Booth

(5) Girls Soccer Team
Great comeback at yesterdays 2-2 game against Wexford. Goals were scored by Sayla Peters and Reese Grandy. Home game Tuesday. Come out and cheer them.
C. Wilson

Tickets are on sale until Monday!!!! $95. If you are bringing a guest you must see Ms. Booth ASAP. Dinner, Dancing, Awards, Photos
J. Booth

(7) Music Council 3:15 Friday
Music council...please meet in the music room at 3:15 pm on Friday (today) to set up for Music Monday.
H. Shaw

(8) ArtSideOut - Friday Clinic
Interested in showing some of your art? Come to info meeting Fri Apr 28, clinic to hear about the UTSC ArtSideOut festival-Signature from arts teacher
H. Shaw

(9) Arts Banquet Auditions!!!
Got a talent? Can you sing, dance, play an instrument, recite or do magic? Audition for the Arts Banquet! May 2nd after school in the music room.
R. Mansfield Bucholtz

(10) King IMPROV Comedy
King IMPROV returns at lunch in the Drama Studio (FREE!) TODAY (FRIDAY)!!! Come see King's funniest group perform!
S. Schillaci

Visit rhking.updateallday.com to view announcements

In case of an anaphylactic emergency, Epi-Pens are located in the main office as well as in the white AED box outside of the main office for use after school hours

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